Previous release – WBS 2.0


WBS 3.0 extents the work element abilities to set target finish date and track actual cost and complete rate, with improvements for outline views.

Notes: WBS is for work breakdown and project estimate, the new work columns are additional for execution tracking and reporting requests for some users. By default, the new columns are invisible

  • New work element columns
  • Outline view enhancements
  • Work package display style customization
  • Connection line width option for exporting


◉ New work work element columns

  • Target finish date – Finish date of work package
  • % complete – The complete rate of the work package
  • Actual cost, includes 3 sub columns: Labor cost, Materials cost and Total cost. (The name of existed column for cost estimate has been changed as “estimate”)
  • Charge rate – Charge rate of work element. By default, the charge rate of work package is equal of project charge rate.


◉ Outline view enhancements

  • Column titles are customisable
  • Column visibility
  • Scrollable and frozen columns


◉ Work elements chart display options

New options to customize the display of work element on chart view – show name in multiple lines, show target date,  estimate and actual cost



◉ PDF connection line width option




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